Mondays & Wednesdays | Time: 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Tuition of $450.00 includes the required textbook, Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, published by Dearborn Publishers (10th Edition), and final exam. Textbooks may be picked up on scheduled book pickup days before the start of each class.

Mondays & Wednesdays | Time: 5:30pm to 10:00pm

  • In order to receive credit for classes given on Zoom, students must have the required equipment and abide by these regulations. If you are unable to comply, you should choose another option.


    • Computer (PC or Apple)
    • Broadband Internet access (preferably wired)*
    • Webcam
    • Microphone
    • Speakers
    • Keyboard


    • Wired connection (as opposed to wifi)*
    • Google Chrome web browser
    • Headset with mic & speakers


    *"Broadband" means minimum speeds equivalent to DSL, satellite, or cable connection of at least 8 mbps. Note: wifi connections are typically significantly slower than wired connections.


    Students will be required to participate via webcam and mic during class. During times of unstable Internet connection, the webcam requirement may be temporarily lifted. Students will also be required to check in regularly using the Chat feature in Zoom. Students will not be allowed to participate in class using mobile devices (i.e., phone or tablet). Students who do not comply with these requirements will not be given credit for having attended the class.

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